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Squandered time – We’ve all done it. You look back at a week and try to pinpoint exactly what it is you accomplished. Did you make the world a better place? Did you physically build/make something tangible? Did you make the week matter or did you just survive it?

Life is what happens when you aren’t looking. Just toodling along, minding your own business. Fulfilling the needs of your family. Life is going to work, cooking supper, doing laundry, walking the dogs, buying groceries until one day you turn around and ten years have passed. What the heck? How did that happen?? I was right here! Who stole it from me?? This is why I am giving up living for the weekend. Life mostly happens on Monday through Thursdays. The days of the week everyone wishes away. I decided to start liking Mondays too. If you decide to only like Saturday and Sunday you have given away most of your life. Stop doing that please. Tuesday really misses you.

I hope I squander less in my next 43 years. Maybe even leave a legacy! Have some great aspirations! Ok, so there will never be a foundation named after me. But maybe, just maybe I’ll leave behind more than dusty bones in the ground.