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I think I smell fall


Good morning world. It’s a fabulous day and Pearl thinks we should go play. I’m a little leery since lately I can’t seem to step outside with causing injury to myself. I think I’ll cover myself in bubble wrap.
We are having our first “cool snap” of the year. Ok, so it’s going to be in the 80’s all week but that’s cool to me. I’ve opened up the house and time to get some cleaning done so I can go play. Y’all have a most fabulous day!

Stop and smell the lillies?

I worked myself silly today but I did take a few minutes out to check what’s blooming. Do you ever plant so much stuff that every year you’re surprised at what comes up? The lilies and hydrangeas are stealing the show today. The knockout roses are preparing for their next violent explosion but most importantly,¬†we fried the first squash of the year this week!


Consider the lilies

They neither toil, nor do they spin…Every year I’m amazed at what pops up in my yard though I know it’s coming.


Today was quite busy but that has become the norm. It’s good to come home to such a treat.


It has rained most of the day but somebody forgot to tell the lilies. They have bloomed without the least care.

Greek lore associates the lily with birth but depending on who you ask or what variety you have they symbolize both hope and death on the same stem.