So, I got jiggle in my wiggle.


I was watching a video this morning when this occurred to me. Why do Caucasian gals think we’re supposed to look like toothpicks yet African American girls are perfectly fine with the junk in their trunk? I wonder if my inner Shameka is coming out as I get older. Can I just change my reasoning and be comfortable in my own skin? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhh, If Shameka does come out will I suddenly be able to dance?

What if Shameka and my alter ego Sabrina don’t get along? Hmm…. They can fight that out with Mr. Shrink.

Yes, I know. This post is full of stereotypes but the truth is. I can’t dance and I’m too fat to be a white girl anymore. I’m thinking about changing races.

4 thoughts on “So, I got jiggle in my wiggle.

  1. singlemomtakingovertheworld

    lol….I think this all the time. But, in truth if you go to Wal-mart or any other place most of the people (especially white people) are overweight and I am not talking a little booty in the back, I am talking very overweight all over. But, we convince ourselves that we HAVE to be so tiny and small when nobody is really like that except models and those people who can eat anything they want and not gain an ounce of weight. Anyway loved the post!

    1. snoogiefisk Post author

      This is true. I don’t mind exercise and I do like fresh vegetables but I just don’t want to dedicate my life to the size of my waist anymore.


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