Don’t snort body wash. Just don’t.

pomegranate-ispSo, I was walking through the beauty aids at Wal-Mart when I decided to sniff all of the body washes to find the perfect one. Sometimes what looks good on the picture don’t smell too good when you get it home. I went through about 5 different combined fragrances when I came across plain old pomegranate. That sounds good right? I had been picking up each bottle and gently squeezing to get a whiff of their fragrances. Fancy shamancy pomegranate had different ideas. Apparently it was more full than all of the other bottles and my squeezer had become more aggressive. I picked up the super sized bottle, placed it under my nose and gave it a good squeeze.
Yes, I filled my right nostril with approximately 1/4 cup of body wash. Of course I immediately started blowing my nose, coughing, spitting and sputtering. I had a hand full of purple gook which I slung on the floor and tried to wipe off on my pants.
A lady turned down the aisle just as I managed to get the first blob out of my nose. I looked up at her with red eyes and making strange noises while covered in purple goo. I think she said “excuse me” but I’m not sure as she back tracked and ran away. A few seconds later her husband appeared around the corner to confirm what she had witnessed. Now they think I’m some kind of weird pomegranate sniffer.
I finally got myself together, stepped away from the body wash and bought some good old fashioned soap. I just don’t think I can face pomegranate ever again.

14 thoughts on “Don’t snort body wash. Just don’t.

  1. NotAPunkRocker

    I think we have all done that, with some body wash or shampoo.

    Did you know Suave conditioner is pressure packed? One squeeze to try to assess the scent and GLOP. I mean, that’s the only explanation, right?

  2. MissSteele

    Bahahaha! I did this once with something that I thought was regular body wash and it was actually some sort of foamy wash and upon opening the cap, it exploded all over the place. It wasn’t pleasant.

  3. laurie27wsmith

    We understand that you may have to make up excuses for your addiction, and that you can’t always get your fix of body wash. C’mon get it shipped straight to your door where you can luxuriate in a hot bath and snort body wash until the cows come home.


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