Legacy Shmegacy

100_0477I read about this great idea. Or so I thought. You should close your eyes and imagine yourself lying on your death bed. Take slow calming breaths until you can take yourself there. Now, look back at your life and see what you should have done. Make a list of those things. Now open your eyes and go do them.

Here’s my list:

Yep, I got nuthin’. Apparently I am ambition-less. Since I am not a lazy person this came as quite a surprise to me. You’re supposed to come up with a minimum of five things.  The funny thing is that I am constantly reading self-help books in an effort to improve myself yet I have no idea what it is that I wish to fix.

In my twenties my biggest dream was to walk in a grocery store and purchase whatever food I wanted without worrying whether I was going to be able to pay my electric bill also. I did reach that goal. It seemed so huge at the time. I worked in a local factory at that time so to help reach my goal I once worked seven days a week for three months straight.

I’m afraid my goals have been too small. Having food in the cupboard does not leave a legacy. My mind is too simple.

How important is a legacy? Will anyone really care that I walked this earth? Is our goal here to leave a mark? If so I better get busy……


28 thoughts on “Legacy Shmegacy

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  3. Gloria

    You have no idea do you how many lives you have touched just by being yourself. You are so special and you don’t even realize it. You don’t have to cure cancer or stop a world war to make your mark in the world. I see you leaving your impression on others all the time and you do not even realize it. You have left a lasting impression on me with your strength, your humor, and your love of helping others. Love you girl friend.

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  10. Grace

    Your humour, sparkle, and tenacity shine forth! That certainly counts. I believe that it is important to leave a legacy; it never really comes down to wealth, it comes down to loving, kindness.
    People never forget how we make them feel.

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  19. MissSteele

    I always look forward to reading your blog posts, so if nothing else, there’s that 🙂 lol. Whenever I feel like my life isn’t where it should be, I remember a cheesy quote that reads: “When you feel down about where you are in life, just be thankful you are not where you used to be.” I know that is true for me, and just from reading your posts, I know this is true for you. Not that you feel down or anything, but you have made several accomplishments in your life without even realizing it. I guess what I’m trying to say is- you be awesome, lady!

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