Absolutely frivolous

Ok, so I’m a little freaked out. One of the top searches for finding my blog was “teenage girls in panties”. Um….what? I don’t want to know.
I did however squander away hours today reading a trashy book that made me laugh until I cried. There were pirates, romance, blackmail, copious amounts of plastic surgery and even a visit from bigfoot. I humbly bow to the ridiculous author Robyn Peterman. (If you’re easily offended you’ll be flabbergasted. This may not be the author for you.)
I did have high hopes for this day. The weather warmed up nicely and I heard my neighbors working in their yards as I wiled away the hours. I should probably be ashamed but alas, I am not.
I am currently awake at nearly midnight because of the 3 hour nap I took today. I suppose I could do something productive like dusting. It is not quite midnight so it will still count as having done something useful today.

8 thoughts on “Absolutely frivolous

  1. Joseph E Rathjen

    I once did a humor post about condoms. Ever since that, I see a few search terms pop up on my stats each day referring to condoms and condom use. Some of the phrases are hilarious. You wouldn’t believe how they are worded.



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