Runny nose? Quick! Press it to my windows.

You can quickly identify the homes with children from the smell of crayons and chicken nuggets. Maybe even some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese wafting through the air.

You can quickly identify the homes with dogs and cats by the nose art in the windows. (You thought I was going to say something about the smell of dogs but I’ll have you know that I bathe my babies in floral body wash with conditioners for their sensitive doggie skin. Don’t judge me.)

I was sitting at my desk when I looked out the window at a noise I heard but the view was blurry. Nope, not my glasses. It’s nose art. You can clean nose art daily to no avail. When a squirrel passes by, both Chihuahuas walk the window sill to terrify the creature into submission. This can only be done with noses pressed against the glass.

When my cat gets bored she walks the window sill to stare at the world. This also can only be done with the nose pressed against the glass. Thankfully the dogs can only reach the huge window in the living room. The cat on the other hand likes to bless every window in the house. I think it’s the smell of Windex that attracts them. It certainly doesn’t deter them. I think it’s a conspiracy to push me over the edge. I imagine them huddling in the den sniffing black pepper so they can run and rub snot on my windows. It’s all an evil Chihuahua plot and I am the victim here. Just once I’d like to gaze at the sun through snot free windows.

100_0465Accomplice #1 Mattie the snotty kitty. Weight 16lbs. Height according to evidence 12″.

chillinAccomplice #2 Pearly Girl the nosy bandit. Weight 6lbs. Height according to evidence 10″. Just look at the devious nature in those eyes!

Accomplice #3 Sir Jasper Weight 5lbs Height according to evidence 9″.Jasper

Yes, he is declaring his innocence but I will not fall for that one again!

Watch out and beware! This evil trio may be coming to a window near you.

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