Bipolar Kitty

100_0465Pretty, soft, fuzzy kitty….isn’t she sweet? Don’t let her fool you. My family is scared of my cat. When they walk in the door she is all “Meow, I’m so sweet. I’ll allow you to pet me now.” BUT, when they give her a scratch between the ears they are allowed precisely two scratches then she bites the holy hell out of them. Sweet kitty….

Sometimes I find her sleeping in the strangest places. I can understand a cat that looks for a cozy cupboard or the dark corner of a closet but not my sweet kitty. I often find her sleeping in the middle of the hallway with all four feet in the air. I don’t think cats are supposed to sleep on their backs. Usually you can hear her snoring across the house. Well, it may be the paint she’s sucking off the walls that I hear.

How did she get so fat? This feline is seriously obese. When she runs she has the two fat pockets in front of her hind legs that swing in rhythm. It’s kind of funny but it’s begun to be a problem. You see, she can no longer reach her butt to clean it. She is so fat that she often falls over trying to bathe herself. She sit’s with rear leg hiked high towards the ceiling and just licks air because she can’t reach anything.

I know, “Watch her diet”. I measure her food. I swear I do. I don’t know where she’s eating. I’d swear she was walking to McDonalds for some fries but there is no way she’ll exert that much energy. Maybe she has the Dairy Bar on speed dial….

7 thoughts on “Bipolar Kitty

  1. Al

    She probably dines out on the local delicatessen de mouse or bird de t’ange. My sister has a cat that allows you to stroke her a couple of times and then the claws are out, the snarls, the growls, the teeth. lol

      1. Al

        Haha With my sister’s cat, I sit there growling at her when she has her claws in my hand. If I move them, she’ll shred my skin, so I growl at her and use my fingers to annoy her even more so she will let go and run lol

  2. Almost Iowa

    Seeing the photo of your cat, I thought, gosh I have had days like that. After such days, it is not unusual for my wife to find me lying on my back in the hall with my feet and arms in the air…

    Come to think of it, today is shaping up to be such a day.


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