Somewhere in Arkansas (We don’t have a town in these parts.)

100_0470This is me standing in the middle of Akins Creek Road. Now, I know if you’re city folk this just aint gonna make any sense to you. The thing is, folks in these parts don’t care too much for visitors. In fact, they care so little for visitors that the road in here is kept in disrepair to discourage any would-be site seers. 100_0478

The road is one vehicle wide so if you meet another truck it is necessary to determine who is gonna have to back up the furthest so y’all can pass.

100_0494You’ll find this sign posted in several areas as you travel down this road. I take them at their word so I’m careful not to step off the road even though sometimes it get’s confusing.

Don’t get me wrong. The people here are really nice just as long as you stay on your property. Why just this morning the nearest neighbors stopped by with a mason jar of corn squeezins’ and offered us a snort. I decided to pass since I could smell the stuff from six foot away and did not feel the need to cleanse my colon at 9:00 am on a Sunday morning.

100_0497Neighbors are few and far between up here. That tin roof down in the holler is typical here. If you’re looking for a brick ranch style home then you’ve come to the wrong place. To the city dweller I suppose this place would be assumed condemned but not here. This is the norm.

100_0485There is normally at least 100 acres between neighbors. Since some are still using out-houses this is a very good thing.  There are rocks the size of cars in here and evidence of deer and coyote everywhere.

I was clambering up and down these hills when it occurred to me that maybe these folks aint so dumb after all. 100_0477Nature rambles here without much interference from modern conveniences. I suppose if it were easily accessible our state would turn it into a park for thousands of people to traipse though. Not that I’m against state parks. They are wonderful. It’s just nice to see nature win sometimes.


9 thoughts on “Somewhere in Arkansas (We don’t have a town in these parts.)

  1. mewhoami

    I think it’s beautiful. That is my kind of living. Forget this city stuff and give me the trees, quiet and nature. Country living definitely has its perks.

  2. Almost Iowa

    Around here, if it is not planted in corn, its planted in beans – but there are a few areas where a river cuts through or the land is too low to tile, where it is stunningly beautiful – and it is in those places, those acres on the “low maintenance roads” that Minnesota and Iowa are every bit as Arkansas as Arkansas.

    I enjoyed both your writing and your photos. Thanks for a view of nature that is not buried in snow.

    1. snoogiefisk Post author

      We don’t get much snow here though we did get a little a few weeks back. Though we have had some days near 60 degrees we still found a few spots on the mountain with a bit of snow. As Loretta Lyn said “In the pines, in the pines, where the sun never shines..” There are a few places like that.
      I’ve never been up north but hear the summers are amazing. Might have to make a trip one day.

  3. MissSteele

    That looks beautiful. I was wandering around the backwoods of my home turf one day and came upon a sign that said “NO TRESPASSING” and it had a horrendous mannequin tied to a post with bullet holes all over it. Needless to say, I scampered off without a trace. I would have taken a picture, but I was afraid any unnecessary movement may have triggered a booby-trap of some sort and I would have been putting the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

    1. snoogiefisk Post author

      Thanks! I feel so much better about my psycho hill people now. Wait! My husband dresses up that stick man once a month……..Maybe we’re one of THEM!


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