Creative or Warped?

If you’ve followed my blog for very long then you know by now that I am married to a most unusual character. One of his talents is the ability to see things in wood that others do not see. He will do this with knots on trees, scrap lumber and even sticks. I’ve seen him pick up a scrap piece of wood from the floor of his shop, walk over to the grinder and step back a few minutes later with a bird.

Mr. Stick Man is one of those inventions.

I keel u!

I keel u!

Pete was cleaning up around the cabin when he saw some broken limbs that looked like a man to him. Thus Mr. Stick Man came to life.

Gone Fishin' on a lazy summer day.

Gone Fishin’ on a lazy summer day.

He is a most unusual character that likes to change clothing/accessories with the seasons.

Santa Has Pot

Santa Has Pot

The neighbors get a kick out of seeing what Mr. Stick Man is going to be wearing this month.

The Frito Bandito

The Frito Bandito

You would think such a vivid imagination could be utilized for monetary purposes. I have yet to figure out how to market a warped brain.

12 thoughts on “Creative or Warped?

  1. Jenn

    You should start a blog just for him with all his outfits. People would totally follow it. You could get a and monetize it! You’re welcome. I want 10% of all your profits.


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