I’m tard. T-A-R-D. If you aint from around here that translates to “plumb tuckered”.

I spent the day at my brother’s house working on his yard. He wasn’t born with botanical prowess. He keeps killing the bushes and saving the weeds. I did talk him into pulling out his chainsaw after a lesson on why evergreens don’t turn brown in the winter. Yep, those suckers were dead. He was still holding out hope. Don’t get me wrong, he can grow a tomato or purple hull peas just fine. It’s the shrubbery that keeps him bumfuzzled. It may be best that he sticks with the vegetable garden.

12 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. dogsarentkids

    We have that in common. I can kill a plant like nobody’s business, but weeds are like.. dude let’s hang out.


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