Honesty – The best policy?

What Sarcastic Sally would say:

  1. Dang! That dress makes your butt look big.
  2. New cologne? I see you bathed in it.
  3. I don’t want to go shopping with you. Your negativity gives me the urge to stick a fork in your eye.
  4. Ha! Ha! Well….actually your jokes aren’t funny at all. You suck at telling jokes. Just give it a rest ok?
  5. Are you kidding? I can’t wait to try the rancid coleslaw you bring to every single gathering.
  6. Yes, those shoes look really good on you. As long as you stand still. Otherwise you’re walking like you have a corn cob up your butt.
  7. I can’t believe they unfriended you! I’m flabbergasted.  Ok, so you whine incessantly and the whole world is conspiring to make your life a living hell. Umm…excuse me. I need to go unfriend you.
  8. I missed your call? I didn’t notice. I must have been doing something really important like watching paint dry.
  9. Of course I have you on speaker. How else am I going to walk away and just insert an “uh huh” every now and then?
  10. You never have time to cook? Maybe it’s because you are sitting on your tush watching TV? Just a guess.


16 thoughts on “Honesty – The best policy?

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