Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It

Good morning world! Yes, it’s my day off and I woke up early bouncing around like Tigger on meth. Technically everyday is my day off now. What to do, what to do…My Mother says I should start on my “to do” list that everyone keeps. Holy Macaroni! I don’t have a to do list! Crap! I got to get me one of those. The problem is I’m a doer. I rarely put things on lists. I just start doing them the moment I think of them no matter how inappropriate the timing may be.

Patience is a virtue I will never possess. That’s probably why I get confused so easily. Momma was sitting on the sofa watching TV when I looked over and saw my pretty little candle. That’s how it all started. I must light the pretty little candle. I went to the kitchen to get a lighter when I saw dishes in the sink. Must wash dishes. Then wet dish towel needed to be taken to laundry. Oh dear. Must start a load of laundry. Folded clothing on dryer. Must put up clothing. Dust on dresser when putting up clothing. Must dust furniture.

Thirty minutes later I sat down beside Momma on the sofa and looked to my left. Damned candle still not lit.

10 thoughts on “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It

  1. Gloria241

    This is exactly what I do. I cannot finish one project before starting another. Going to forget that second one if I don’t do it now. Drives me nuts cause at the end of the day i have a bunch of 1/2 started projects. Doing a list does help cause it makes me go back to square one and finish it up. Today is laundry day but after I got the laundry gathered up I looked at the bed and decided I better make it up first. Then gathered the laundry again and started toward the laundry room when I saw one of Bleu’s toys so had to stop and pick it up and then pick up all the other toys I could find. Back to the laundry and made it to the kitchen before deciding to let the dog out and the cats in and refill their food dish…I finally got one load of laundry going but now I am playing on facebook and thinking about putting together tax info for 2013 or making something for supper in the slow cooker, but then I need to wash some dishes too. See we have the same disease. sigh!!!!

  2. dogsarentkids

    And this is why you need a list! You add the dishes and the laundry to the list and go back to the first thing you were supposed to do BEFORE doing the other things.

    Also, who doesn’t have a to-do list?! How in the world do you feel accomplished if you don’t cross something off? I would feel empty inside.


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