Stabbing Debby Downer

No CryingI don’t like writing sad posts. I delete most of them without ever posting. I was reading a post by Abby and it reminded me that I hate sympathy. I can’t stand the thought of someone feeling sorry for me. It means failure to me. It means that I was weak and had a pity party. Oh sure, everyone needs a pity party every now and then. I just like to party alone. I don’t like talking about my issues. People look at you different when they know. There is sympathy in their eyes. They will act guarded in your presence. They may even change their actions or behavior so as not to “trigger” you.

I’m a big girl. I have on my big girl panties and I can overcome anything.

9 thoughts on “Stabbing Debby Downer

  1. Abby

    I hope my post didn’t come across as being whiny or asking for sympathy, as my intent was the exact opposite thing. Oy. It’s so hard to convey things online. My point was that we all have those moments of self-doubt and weakness, but it doesn’t mean that we’re weak. It means that we’re human. Don’t dwell, but don’t feel bad when you need to reach out, as hard as that is.

  2. dogsarentkids

    I hate pity too, but only because people are jerks and like to remind you of your weak moments over and over again.

  3. Aussa Lorens

    Aw, you poor thing.
    Just kidding.
    That being said… While I (obviously) try to keep things light hearted on my blog, I think it can be helpful to let the dark stuff out every so often… so maybe following that impulse isn’t ALWAYS a bad idea. Hope you’re doing well and surviving the holidays alright!


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