Santa’s a Thief!

IMG_0456Pearl: **tap, tap, tap, tap, tap….enter***

Me: Pearl, what are you doing?

Pearl: Emailing a warning letter to Santa

Me: Why?

Pearl: Because last year he snuck in here and stole my cookies that I left on the coffee table. I think he stole some chicken too.

Me: Um…Pearl, I don’t think you get how this Santa thing works.

Pearl: Oh yes I do and I’m not putting up with it anymore! Steal my cookies and chicken! I’m gonna kick some Santa hiney! Jasper! Man the fireplace!

**jumps down from chair** **drags sack of pecans to door**

Me: What are your going to do with those pecans?

Pearl: I’ll scatter them in front of the door in case the sneaky cookie thief tries to get in this way. %#^%**%# Reindeer poop in my yard! I’ll teach him a lesson!

Me: But Pearl, Christmas is about giving and being kind to others.

Pearl: Well, I’m glad you finally see the light. You can help me annihilate this thief. Now go outside and get me some pinecones.

Me: But Pearl!

Pearl: Hurry! We only have twelve days to prepare!

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