Wanted: Skanky Ho (What it should have said.)

Ok, so I’m moseying around the craigslist job postings and I find this.

Personal Assistant (LR) Businessman looking for a sexy lady to be my new assistant. If interested send resume or info and recent photos.

  • Location: LR
  • Compensation: $600 weekly
  • Principals only. Recruiters,      please don’t contact this job poster.
  • do NOT contact us with      unsolicited services or offers

Ummmm……What exactly would this resume/info contain?

Name: Bambi, Candy, Cocoa (Take your pick.)

Sex: Yes

Address: I prefer somewhere by the river please.

Qualifications: I can walk in stripper shoes and like to wear low cut blouses.  I can adorn your arm and make you appear successful.

Education: I excelled in “Shake dat ass” 101. I also attended the “Pouty lips and Fluttering eyes” seminar by Hughie.

Previous experience: Yes but the health clinic says I’m clean now.

Oh how I would love to see these resumes.

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