Positive Polly is going to kick some Negative Nelly ass

The new year is coming which always makes me think of changes I need to make. Since I am my own worst enemy there are always plenty of “to do’s” on my list. You know the favorites:

  1. Eat right
  2. Exorcise
  3. Exercise

You’re still scratching your head on number two aren’t you? No, I don’t think I have an evil spirit. I do however have oppressive things and people that I need to be rid of. I’ve been slowly working on that.  Some people, things, news, etc.  are triggers that send me spiraling to the suicidal mode. I have learned one good thing from the perpetual victims and the dooms dayers though. I don’t have to placate them. I don’t. There is no rule or law that says I have to keep them in my life. If they don’t have a positive impact on my life then why keep them? There just is no reason to let them bring me down.

My next big change is employment. I’m afraid the new year is going to rock my world and I’m trying to brace for it. I don’t know exactly when my current employment will end but things are getting pretty slow now.  Shutting down a fifty year old business takes a little while. I’m trying not to be sad about it and look forward to the future. Positive Polly is going to kick some Negative Nelly ass. I’ve been watching the want ads just in case something marvelous comes up.

I used to know a crazy old lady that often said “Things will happen like their supposed to.” (Actually, she was pretty country so what she said was “Thangs will happen like they’s sposed ta.”) If you take her theory then there is absolutely no reason to ever worry. Just simply wait and watch for what is coming your way. The truth is “worry” never accomplishes a damn thing. It’s a most useless waste of time. Not to mention the fact that it makes my hair fall out. Nope, I think I’ll just keep moving forward. Something always comes along.

3 thoughts on “Positive Polly is going to kick some Negative Nelly ass

  1. Jenn

    I think these are good goals for 2014. I like your #2 goal the best. I’ve been working on “exrocise” for a few months now, and it’s working out good, as far as dropping the one’s who bring me down. But it feels a little lonesome now. I’m looking forward to making new friends.


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