Panic! Hurry! Winter is here!

The actual bread aisle at the grocery store this evening.

The actual bread aisle at the grocery store this evening.

Here comes Old Man Winter. In the south that means we all flock to the grocery store as quickly as possible. I’m not sure why but this is something we are taught to do early on. I suppose we need plenty of snacks to eat when all the red-necks fire up their 4-wheelers to play in the snow/ice. We can’t possibly attend work or school if there is any sign of the white stuff. Nope, just can’t get there safely. Therefore, it is only logical that we throw on our boots and run outside to play.  After all, there is a possibility of 1/2″ of ice. Oh the horrors!

Here we also stock up on Eagle Brand Milk. If we do have snow we bring it inside in large bowls to be mixed with the Eagle Brand Milk. Generic will not do. Please purchase the correct brand. This heavenly treat is referred to as snow cream.

Welcome to the south y’all!

10 thoughts on “Panic! Hurry! Winter is here!

  1. mewhoami

    I remember those days while in Texas. One snow flake and school was cancelled. It was great! We got home to enjoy plenty hours of sunshine, because the snow never lasted for long and rarely stuck to the grass. Good times!

  2. navigator1965

    I remember living for a couple of years as a kid in Prince Edward Island, Canada. It starting snowing one Sunday evening. It didn’t stop until Wednesday. School was cancelled from Monday until Thursday noon. People were not only digging their cars out of the snow, they were digging in the snow to actually find their cars in some cases.

    True story. I guess that officially makes me an old man. “That’s nothing! When I was a kid…”


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