How’s that yeast infection going?

My dearest Mother never meets a stranger. She talks to everyone she meets about absolutely anything. There is nothing off limits. Last Thursday night we were standing in the Black Friday lines when she became close personal friends with a complete stranger. She learned everything she could about this man and his family in a short period of time. I have no idea why people feel the need to tell her everything.

When we had grabbed our purchases and were standing in the long checkout line she began her spiel on her new friend.  She just kept rambling on and on about a man she will never see again.  I did manage to stop her in the middle of her dissertation to ask if he was having regular bowel movements. Somehow I just knew he probably told her.

If you live in a big city then over sharing with strangers is probably not a big deal. I happen to live in a small town. You are going to run into the same people when shopping. It is inevitable. It never fails that at some point you are going to learn little tid bits about these strangers that you did not want to know. Standing in lines seems to make people ramble.  I find myself remembering these little things when I’m pushing my buggy around the store.

There’s the lady that shouts her conversations into her cell phone. She insists on sharing her life with everyone. I find myself wondering “Is her husband still mad at her for going shopping and leaving him with the kids?”

There’s the goofy big blond that’s always waving her WIC folder. I think she’s proud that she receives government assistance. She keeps wielding that thing like a trophy. Her stick thin husband is madly in love with her though. He awaits her commands and runs to retrieve whatever she desires.

I haven’t seen “Meth” family lately. She was pregnant the last time I saw her. Meth man was cooing at their toddler in the buggy as mommy drug herself through the cereal aisle. I suppose that one probably didn’t end well.

I hadn’t realized how much information I was accumulating on strangers until recently. I may not know their names but I follow their lives in little spurts of grocery shopping. Though I may not encourage them to tell me their life story while choosing apples like my Mother does I am still paying attention even when I don’t want to.


19 thoughts on “How’s that yeast infection going?

  1. Gloria241

    Rogar is like your Mom. He never meets a stranger and they tell him all kinds of stuff that I know if I had struck up the conversation I would never be told this. I have asked him WHY do people tell you their life history? I will never figure it out. I preceive myself as a friendly person but I know these strangers would not have shared their secrets with me. Now I have to admit I love to people watch. People watching is pure entertainment and I too can make up stories in my head about some of these strange people.

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      1. navigator1965

        If I wrote about a ‘yeast infection,’ I’d be talking about the morning after a little too much beer.

        Budweiser-Canesten sort of morning. (okay, I’ll stop now)

  3. vicbriggs

    You know… people on public transport think that they are in some sort of personal soundproof bubble when they are on the phone. The horrors I’ve overheard over the years… brr

  4. Diana

    I remember seeing the same faces over and over again growing up in a small town. I worked at the local party store in high school, and I remember a woman came up to my register. She lived in the neighborhood that I grew up in (and my family had recently moved from). She told me all about how she watched me grow up through her front window. I wouldn’t have been able to pick out the woman from a line up, but she knew so much about me. It’s kind of crazy.

    1. snoogiefisk Post author

      I do the same thing. You can’t help but watch the kids grow up and wonder where they are heading. You’ve been a part of their lives even if its inadvertently.

  5. dogsarentkids

    What’s funny is the big city comparison. Because in the city, you “could” technically say everything to someone and never see them again, but nobody ever does. Everyone is in such a rush and polite conversation takes entirely too much energy. I don’t remember the last time I ran into someone I know. Maybe a year ago?

    1. snoogiefisk Post author

      Wow! We get so used to the checkers at Wal-Mart it’s like were old personal friends yet I have no idea what their names are. I once ran into a young gal at Wal-Mart and thought for sure we were friends. After talking to her for a minute I realized she was the girl from the Dairy Bar. I just eat out too often…

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