Black Friday – an addiction in madness

B fridayIt’s that wonderful time of the year again. Time to polish up the elbows and bring out the knee pads. Soon we will descend upon our local department stores in vicious throngs armed with the Christmas Spirit. Our need for the best deals driving us to lunge and grab for underpriced electronics as we pile drive our neighbors in a mad frenzy. It’s just part of being an American.

Last year we took my elderly Aunt along. She stood in front of the items I wanted with a buggy wedged between her and the crowd as she tried to assume a poor little old feeble lady stance. They may cuss and sneer but no one will knock about the feeble one. While we tore the plastic and snatched our items when the clock struck 8:00pm there was a code white in housewares as several middle aged women are pulling each other’s hair out in the battle for 800 thread count sheets.

b friday2Wal-Mart seems to be the favorite place for angry red-necks. If you’re not scared of a bit more violence I recommend heading on over to the Radio Shack. I braved that one only once in my life and swore to never do it again. I had been standing in line for an hour waiting for the doors to open when a heavy set lady with her teenage child walks up and tries to break into the front of the line. Bad move lady. Seriously bad move. The lady in front of me starts screaming at her. Break-in lady tries to ignore her and pushes her way in anyway. Angry lady just is not going to stand for that. She grabs break-in lady by her purse strap and whirls her around. At that time the clock struck the magic hour and the doors opened to the store. I dashed past the grappling two in the floor and jumped over their purses to snatch up the electronics that I somehow thought would be worth this effort. I did get my purchases for half of the regular price but I also met a side of humanity that scares me.

So, will I brave the idiots again this year? Probably. I can’t seem to help myself. Black Friday is a terrible sickness. The weird part is I had as much fun waiting and watching as I did getting bargains. Complete strangers will strike up long conversations with you in the excitement. It’s kind of fun in a sick and aggressive way. I think it’s the adrenaline rush that makes me do it. I’m not alone though. My husband once sat in line for two hours to get a television for half price.

25 thoughts on “Black Friday – an addiction in madness

      1. Pecora Nera

        They don’t seem to get excited over it here. No piped carols in the supermarkets, no mad panic buying. In fact it is so down key I had to buy my own Christmas present last year…

      2. snoogiefisk Post author

        Wow! I wouldn’t mind a little of that myself. I enjoy cooking for my family but that’s about it. We don’t even buy each other gifts anymore. When we hit the sales it’s to buy for ourselves.

    1. snoogiefisk Post author

      Polite is not an issue here. There are some pretty mean people that show up at these things but I’ve met nice people there too. Their not all bad. Since I don’t have children I’m not desperate for anything so if I don’t get what I was after its not a big deal. I just try to avoid any areas where video games are being sold. They get really nasty.

  1. Gloria241

    Well, I have several friends (you included) that like to fight the crowds shopping. It takes all the joy out of Christmas for me when you are fighting over something to save a few dollars. I would not stand inline for two or more hours for anything. i don’t need it that bad. Couple of years ago we went shopping on the Friday after thanksgiving and found everything that we wanted that was on sale at 3 pm in the afternoon so what is the purpose of standing in the cold. Saw on the news last night that some people (in another state) are camped out in front of best buy since Sunday night. We have come to the point in our life that we really don’t NEED anything. We may want something but we can live without it so you will not see me in those crowds of folks.

    1. snoogiefisk Post author

      I go because I’m usually bored by Thursday night and like to watch the show. Seriously, grab a lawn chair and some pringles. These people are better than Jerry Springer.

      1. MissSteele

        I believe you, it’s just I have HORRIBLE luck at things like this and I know, without a doubt, I would be that woman you hear about on the news who was trampled to death by an angry mob in search of discounted Lalaloopsy Dolls. The first time I went skiing, I broke my arm in MID-AIR while I was falling. I didn’t even hit it on anything. Then, I once went to the movies and someone hurled a fountain drink at me for no reason. So just imagine the horror that would unfold if I tried to waltz my unlucky ass down to the mall in the midst of Black Friday madness. MY GOD- I may have nightmares just thinking about it!

  2. technophile9

    I was a bit confused when I saw everyone talking about Black Friday (I live in the UK), so then I looked up it’s Wikipedia page. If you scroll down to the section that says ‘Violence’, it starts to get seriously depressing…

    1. Gloria241

      Boxing Days are the day after Christmas in Canada and from what Rogar says it is just like Black Friday but just a different day. People are nuts over a bargain no matter what day it is.


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