Litter Box 101

Mattie PoopShe’s at it again. My poor fat kitty has terrible aim. She does try though. In her defense all four feet are in the litter box when she poops. It’s just that her large derriere is stuck out the hole when she lifts her tail and lets it fly. Plop, plop, plop right on my floor.

11 thoughts on “Litter Box 101

  1. funnyphilosopher

    I grew up with cats, and we once had one who eschewed the litter box. My mom was reviewing my sister’s and my school pictures. She asked where we could put them where the cat wouldn’t mess them up. I said, “How about the litter box?” It just so happened that I had a suicidal friend who had taken refuge at our house, and my quip broke the tension among us all.

  2. MissSteele

    Oh my LAWD! The only time my cat has ever pooped in the floor was once when she was angry with us. She made sure it was right in the middle of the living room while we were watching TV. and she was sure to smear it in the carpet. She stood there and watched us clean it up. Joyfully.

    1. snoogiefisk Post author

      Mattie’s not vindictive. Just a little slow. And fat, very fat.. When she’s mad at me she jumps on tables and throws my things in the floor. She walks right up to my glasses. Sits down. Looks at me then swats them to the floor. OK, maybe she is vindictive.

  3. pintentionalliving

    I once owned an over the box pooper. I noticed it helps to not have a cover on the box. I realize no one wants to look at a sand box full of cat turds, but it does work. You could always check etsy for some fancy hand crafted cat diapers. They have everything.


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