Where’s your gumption?

The King is taking calls.

The King is taking calls.

I was about to leave a chain food restaurant with my husband when he was approached by a young man that had been sitting in a booth near us while we ate. The young man had a backpack and had spread Thrifty Nickels’ across the table to entertain himself. I thought this was odd but just assumed he was a worker on break. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
This 20-ish muscled man asks my husband for a ride to JFK Blvd. We were on McCain which is approximately 4.5 miles from this young mans destination. His story was that he had missed the bus and now had no possible way to return to his hotel and could we please give him a ride.
I almost felt pity for him. Almost, then the next thought in my head was what would I do in his situation? Without hesitation I would have started walking. I have two good feet and I’m twice his age. It never would have occurred to me to camp out in a Burger King and beg for help from strangers.

What happened to society? Can people not take care of themselves anymore? What would you do?

It seems like lately I’m just bombarded with people begging for help. They’re everywhere. Why do they just assume that they can’t help themselves? Is it just pure laziness? I just don’t get it.

9 thoughts on “Where’s your gumption?

  1. Gloria

    If you gave him a ride he might have robbed you. He got to McCain somehow so he could get back the same way. There is a scam going around where. An elderly lady is in a car and cries out for help. However when u go up to help her a man comes begins u and u r robbed

    1. snoogiefisk Post author

      Yeah, he may have been a nut but mostly I think he was just damned lazy. Pete shook his hand and told him that he hoped he found his way but we were not going to help him.

  2. mewhoami

    That’s how people are being raised these days. Everything is given to them and they no longer have to be self sufficient. We are living in a world of people who have developed an “entitlement mentality”. Why do something yourself, when others will do it for you? It’s a sad world we live in now, where people don’t take responsibility for themselves or their choices anymore. It’s frustrating to see people like this and they are everywhere.

      1. mewhoami

        What is this ‘self respect’ you speak of? I’ve never heard of such a word. Ha!

        I suppose it was lost, along with the other values and ethics that have been disappearing lately.

    1. Gloria241

      I talked to a young lady who graduated high school last year. I asked her what she was going to do. I don’t know!!!!! Then later heard her say I am going to get pregnant and have a baby just like my sister so I don’t have to work. SAD SAD SAD….She has been out of school now since last May and not even looked for a job. What is wrong with her parents? They should be pushing her into doing something even if not what she wants to do the rest of her life. Another young man who graduated last year got an excellent job right off the bat and he would have been set for life but it required him to travel and he did not like that even though they paid for everything and he had no family. Now he is working at McDonalds. Where do you think he will be 10 years from now?

  3. muttering heart

    I’ve walked those miles many many times. I need to do it now for my health, and don’t do it as often, simply because of certain characters lurking around corners and parking lots and in fast food places. These are dangerous times we live in… you and yours were right in your decision. Besides, if my parents could walk both ways up hill and in snow to boot, that young man could too! 🙂


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