I told you I had a wild hair….

kitchenI did it! My kitchen cabinets are now 1950’s red. I’m sure I’ve probably broken every modern decorating rule and ten years from now when I decide I like white I will be kicking myself for this BUT right now I’m excited! The Mr. is going to build me one more pantry to replace the antique china cabinet and I will be done.

In our previous home I had a ridiculous number of antiques but I decided I prefer to have furniture that is handmade by my husband. So, over the last three years I have sold most of our antiques and replaced them with one of a kind originals. I still have a few 1850 to 1900 dressers and a gargantuan back-bar but I’m getting there. (I’m afraid to spring too many projects on him at once. He may take off running.)

I’m still in de-clutter mode and will have to get a flea market booth very soon.  I’m afraid I have enough “stuff” to fill as store. Sigh…one project at a time. I suppose I should get through the holidays before I destroy the house again.

FYI – Valspar Ultra is the bomb diggity! Trust me. I’ve done enough bad paint jobs that I am now fully versed in what NOT to do. I once bought the cheapest white paint sold to use on my front porch. It turned pink. I kid you not. It dried to a light pastel pink. Some things we learn the hard way. OK FINE! I like to learn everything the hard way.

25 thoughts on “I told you I had a wild hair….

  1. oldmainer

    I’m partial to Behr paint with the primer built in, but paint, to your point, is something not to skimp on. The same goes for wallpaper. If you can almost see through it, you probably are not getting a deal:) I, like you, also learned that the hard way.

  2. Gloria241

    Making changes in your home just entergizes you or it does me. That was a lot of hard work but you did a great job. Although we are talking about cabinets, I love the paper towel holder!!!!

      1. wvfurandroot

        The Tibetan Red Disaster is a saga that requires a lot of words. I’ll direct you here — http://wvfurandroot.wordpress.com/2009/06/06/the-great-tibetan-red-saga/

        But proof that I have wild hair of my own lies in the story of the half bath. One afternoon for no particular reason other than it needed painting, the room was painted bubble gum pink and covered, approximately a 100 or so, with photos of cows and barns. It’s a sight to provoke giggles.

  3. kieravanella

    New follower! Just discovered your blog and I love, love this kitchen! Great job! Looking forward to reading more!


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