You can cook. Trust me. Stop laughing, I mean it.

PralinesThis evening I made pralines. Nope, I don’t have anyone to eat them. There really was no reason for me to go to this effort. I made them simply because I can. My husband will put a good dent in them tomorrow but there is no one here salivating over my efforts. I simply enjoy cooking. I fear the joy of cooking is being lost. It wasn’t very long ago that cooking was not optional. All women prided themselves in their ability to create mouthwatering creations. There doesn’t seem to be many of us left. So, today I am going to do something unusual. I am going to give you a recipe that I created. If you’re not a regular cook please give this simple recipe a try. I guarantee your family will be impressed. I created this recipe accidentally many years ago. I was watching a cooking show on PBS and they were making Irish Soda Bread. I thought hmmm…..what says Irish more than alcohol? (I love to play in the kitchen.) So I ran to the kitchen and threw this together. Instant success and my family has been enjoying it for years. Now I’ll share it with you.

Deanna’s Beer Bread

6 Tablespoons of Butter

2 Cups of Self-Rising Flour

1 Tablespoon of Sugar

1/2 Bottle of Beer (Dark beers give a more yeasty flavor)

Dash of Salt

Cut butter into flour, sugar and salt. (Don’t panic here. Just plop the butter into the flour. Put a knife in each hand. Cut through the butter with both knives at the same time in opposite directions until butter is pea sized.) Add beer until dough is sticky. (If you’re up north you may need ¾ a bottle of beer. Humidity changes bread.) Place the dough on a baking stone into a mound. Flatten slightly with floured hands. If you don’t have a stone this can be done on a cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degrees for 40 minutes.

Just a little hint: When making any biscuit like dough, the trick Granny never told you is that you need to keep the butter cold. This means touch the dough as little as possible. Your hands can make the butter warm and therefore resulting in tough biscuits/bread.

Go ahead, give it a try. I taught an extreme novice to do this. Her idea of cooking was taking the frozen dinner from the freezer and placing it in the microwave. If she can do this even you can.

4 thoughts on “You can cook. Trust me. Stop laughing, I mean it.

  1. navigator1965

    Forwarded this to Mom. BTW, there’s extreme novice, and then there’s culinary retard. I learned the hard way that canned baked beans and canned tuna do not go together.

    Apparently normal people know this before concocting it.


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