Age two

This is a personal friend of mine. She is the strongest person I know. Yes, she spends her life in a wheel chair now but she is not handicapped. She does anything and everything that she wants to. Sometimes I have to be reminded that she is in that dang chair. I forget because her life is not about polio. She is so strong willed that sometimes I wonder if God didn’t put her in that chair to slow her down a bit. I’m afraid she would take over the world given half the chance…..


At the age of two I had polio.  It was a virus that was running throughout the US.  I had the best parents in the world.  They were devastated to say the least but although they were having to deal with this my Mom took the time to write up what she and Daddy were going through.  The following is my Mom’s story of Polio.


This is our story of Polio….just how fast it can happen to you and how helpless you feel at a time when the doctor tells you that your baby has what you have been dreading – Polio

It all started when Glo, our baby who was then barely two, started vomiting.  We took her to a pediatrician in my home town, he examined her asked me many questions and calmly told me that he thought she might…

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One thought on “Age two

  1. Grace

    I was truly touched by this beautiful story. So many lessons of love, strength, faith… I am deeply moved by this story. Thank you sharing it.


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