Deep Thoughts

InternetWhy do all dogs with facebook pages spell poorly? They were smart enough to set up their own page and somehow type with those little paws. Why can’t they spell?

aiWhy do internet cats say “ai” instead of “I”? Are they so brilliant that they need an extra letter in the simplest of words?

Why did the internet cat “eated” a cookie? My cat wouldn’t eat a cookie unless you dipped it in tuna juice.

Why do I follow so many pet pages on facebook? Do I really believe this dog is talking to me?

What was life like before kitten videos? Did people just go around angry all the time?

MittensHow come Mittens has an iphone? Who the crap bought an iphone for Mittens?

9 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts

  1. dogsarentkids

    Now I see why I haven’t noticed many posts from you lately. The animals on social media have sucked you in. Claw your way out, girl, you can do it!


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