Advice from Pearl

NoseI want to be like Pearl when I grow up. (Yes, I know I’m 40-ish but growing up has eluded me.) Pearl is always so happy and yet she doesn’t have a retirement plan or fancy things. Today is a good day to take a page from the book of Pearl.

  1. Start running in circles for no particular reason.
  2. Nap wherever you are.
  3. Greet everyone as if they are the best thing that has happened in your day.
  4. Take time to smell the world around you. If you find a smell you like, roll in it.
  5. Assume that the whole world is here to amuse you.
  6. Eat more chicken.
  7. Take walks as often as possible.
  8. Stick to your diet only when all other possibilities have failed.
  9. Kiss everyone you like even if they act like they don’t want kisses. They need your kisses.
  10. When all else fails curl up with your favorite blankie.

Happy Sunday Y’all!

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