I’ve had another wild hair.

Blah barn red, nope that won't do!

Blah barn red, nope that won’t do!

I’ve decided to repaint my kitchen. Yes, I know it’s only been two years since I last painted it. I am a woman and we have been known to change our minds from time to time. I figure the time right before Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to destroy the kitchen and make a huge mess.

This all started because I thought I wanted to down size. All of the clutter in my life was making me crazy so I had a wild hair to sell it all and live minimally. After much thought I realized I can’t let go of the handmade furniture my husband created for me.

Dining table made just for me....

Dining table made just for me….

I didn’t think that I was one to be attached to material things but my one of a kind décor speaks to me. I thought I would just sell it all then purchase smaller items that would fit in your average home. Well, I can’t do it. I can’t live in a cookie cutter house. I need my 7’ tall television armoire.


I like these colorsSo, naturally I jumped from the down size plan to revamping the house. I still want to remove much of the excess but I definitely need 1950’s red kitchen cabinets with light gray/silver walls.

I like these colors

Obviously that is what I have been missing. My cabinets are currently barn red and that is just too depressing. Ok, so timid decorating isn’t my thing.

It’s not all my fault though. I think I inherited this need to constantly redecorate from my Aunt Vivian. The long standing joke in our family is that if you removed all of the paint from her walls you would gain about 1,000 square feet in space. I think Valspar should give her a share of their profits.

My husband says the meaning of life is maintenance. (This has nothing to do with the fact that he is a maintenance man.) Obviously it is my responsibility to maintain the hub of the home so technically I am maintaining our family with my efforts. (Was that a stretch?) I will fulfill my duties as a wife and bring cheerfulness to the place that our life sustaining nutrients are prepared in. (I made yellow cake with fudge icing last night. That is very life sustaining.) Hopefully I’ll have the kitchen back in order in time for Thanksgiving dinner! Anybody want to paint?

13 thoughts on “I’ve had another wild hair.

  1. Grace

    “Love” the light grey and red colour scheme! So many paints and cheap re dos later, I have finally realized that I like colour, with grey undertones; light “plays” off of grey so well! Too yellow, too bright, shocks my senses! Paint with grey. Add a pop of colour.

      1. Grace

        Can’t wait to see them! It’s annoying ( the work part) but cathartic. You know, when I am in flux and flow moods, I clean, paint, create, and decorate (on a dime). I’ve even installed flooring (peel and stick linoleum). Have fun!

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