Goal Party – RSVP

disco-dancersYou are cordially invited to attend my “Goal” party. I am currently without goals and it has come to my attention that I am not the only one in this position.  If you have any great goals, dreams or good ideas please share in the comments below. Those of us without lives would love to hear your input.

This is a party so feel free to dance as you are inspired. Adult beverages will not be provided but you are welcome to drink heavily as you post.

6 thoughts on “Goal Party – RSVP

  1. gs6867

    It is funny that you bring this up. A week or so ago someone asked what my goals were. Darn, I could not think of anything other than doing the laundry. Not much of a goal. I have to much free time on my hands and need to do something that will make me feel worthy. Before I retired I was going in 10 different directions and I find I work better under pressure. Since I no longer have a paying job I have no incentives. This may not make any sense to anyone but me but I don’t want my only goals to be doing laundry, mopping floors, etc.

  2. saiyge

    I’ll bite. I just did a big blog post that I didn’t publish about this very thing. Shocking? Probably not. I need to find another/additional job… but I need to be able to work from home. And it can’t be telemarketing or sales. Because I like to make things complicated.
    And I have to get the courage up to make a doctors appointment, which probably sounds like an easily attainable thing, but is not. Its a minefield of things.
    From there, there are many more goals, but those are the starting points/ things that will hopefully solve 90% of allthethings!


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