How he sees it…

pig-in-slopDear Snoogie:

I fear I may have married a pig. His messes have become unbearable. There is clipped beard hair on the bathroom sink, something sticky in front of the refrigerator, a half drunken glass of tea on the end table, shoes pouring out of his closet and I can’t even explain what is going on with his dresser. The drawers are always open with things strewn on top and around it.

Please help!

Losing my mind


Dear Losing my mind:

You obviously have no idea how intelligent pigs are. It is clear that you are unappreciative of your husband. You really should take stock in what a great man he is. It is an honor he bestows upon you in allowing you to straighten his things. You are just lucky he lets you stay there. Try to be more obsequious.  He is doing his best to make you feel needed and you have the audacity to complain! I am so disappointed in you.

Being a man is very hard work with many responsibilities. He does not have time to waste with dishes or laundry. Yes, he is thoughtful enough to allow you employment outside of the home to keep you enlightened. He even allows you to pay some of the bills with your income so that you won’t feel totally useless.  Have you taken the time to thank him for this? I think not!

My advice to you is to clean up after him without so much complaining. No man wants a woman who bitches all the time.



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