Home Sweet Home

MuralHome is where you can color on the walls and nobody freaks out. Just take my word for it. Never color on your friend’s wall.




Scrumptious meals are made with loving hands to nourish all that choose to enter. Really anybody, y’all just come and I’ll feed you. Not having children has never stopped me from cooking for an army when I have more of a tiny squad at my disposal.

HomeIt’s a place for feet to be propped and troubles to be forgotten. Just don’t put your dang muddy shoes on my coffee table or harsh words will be slung in your general direction. Seriously, your Momma don’t live here.


Front PorchSanity is never questioned here. These people know your lineage. It’s just assumed you’re a few bricks shy of a full load. If you do by chance say something coherent we’ll celebrate by rubbing it in the neighbors faces. Maybe that’s why they wont speak to me? Sure, one little naked jaunt around the house in the rain and everybody freaks out.





16 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

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