I was just thinking..

IMG_0930[1]Do you ever think about dropping random things into women’s purses to see if they’ll notice? Nothing mean, just things to make them scratch their heads. I’m thinking maybe some jock itch cream would be funny. A Ziploc bag of marshmallows or a crescent wrench could do the trick. You could do it at a party and then go around the room asking for lotion. When they search their purses for the lotion you get to be present for the confusion.

These are the kind of ideas I have when I am without adult supervision. When my Mother turned 60 I had one of my ideas. I bought a birthday card and took it around to all of my co-workers. I had them all write a wish for her in the card as if they were her friends. Some of them were kind enough to write remembrances of the time she did _______. No, she didn’t know any of them. When I had the card covered in memories that never happened I wrote a reminder for her in the card. “It is a proven fact. One of the first signs of Dementia is when you don’t remember your own friends.”

I’m such a good daughter.

13 thoughts on “I was just thinking..

  1. mewhoami

    Oh no. There you go, giving us ideas. I might just have to do that. I’m around people and their purses a little too often to not give that a try, at least once. How did your Mom take that? I think it’s hilarious. Maybe a little risky, but funny nonetheless.

    1. snoogiefisk Post author

      Oh! I have a better idea! What if you dropped in random things from the house you are in. You know, like a candle or figurine. Then you could look at them judgingly as if they were trying to steal it!

  2. janeybgood

    You are possibly even more devilish than me. Possibly. I did once pretend I had a sprained ankle so I didn’t have to give up my seat to an old lady on a bus. But in my defence, she was a mean old lady. Probably. Great writing btw.


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