I call recess!

Memphis Zoo

Memphis Zoo

I don’t want to grow up. I know, I’m 40-ish now but this whole “adult” thing just isn’t working for me. My bits are moving about without permission from me. I don’t want two chins. If I stopped being responsible I could run and play. Then this extra chin wouldn’t be here because I would be skinny from all the exercise I was getting. I would never be anxious if I could only ride my bike more often.  Maybe that’s what’s wrong with humanity. We just don’t play enough.

When can we call a recess? I think we should have time-outs for adults. Not the kind where you have to sit in a chair and be quiet. We do that anyway. It’s called work. I think our time-outs should be an order for silliness.

  1. You yelled at a coworker for not meeting deadlines? Well, that will be two laps across the monkey bars for you young man!
  2. You got pulled over for speeding? I think a game of kickball is in order here.
  3. You didn’t make your bed this morning? You’re going to have to jump on it for at least 15 minutes.
  4. You’re behind on the laundry? Build a fort with it in the living room.
  5. Late for a meeting? Skip all the way there.

Being grown up was supposed to be fun. This is the time when we can do what we want. Why aren’t we doing that?

4 thoughts on “I call recess!

  1. oldmainer

    A great idea. I read a quote somewhere once that said “you don’t have to grow up to grow old”. I for one, while down at the lake, spent some time skipping stones. Can’t believe how sore my arm was.


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