Saying goodbye to a way of life

If you’re near Millington TN give a call to the 411 operators today. Today is their last day. Lets help them go out with a bang….


When the old is gone and the new comes rushing in there’s fear, excitement and tears. No one knows what to feel. Since I was a child the 411 Operators of Millington Telephone Company have been climbing the stairs to answer the calls. It has always been women. I suppose that is because of the era the business started in. The beginning was a time when women could vote but their voices were for pretty things like giving information. I remember my Aunt going to work in the 1970’s wearing what she called her uniform. It was actually very dressy clothing because the owner liked his women to be pretty. I know that sounds sexist but that’s just the way things were then. Over many years the dress code eventually evolved to logo embossed t-shirts paired with jeans. Modernization changes many things.

This small town telephone company actually began its operations in…

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