Am I the weird one?


Do you ever run into someone in a store and they pretend not to know you? This happens to me more often than I like to admit. I think I just happen to know weird people. It’s obviously a character flaw in them causing this. Why wouldn’t anyone want to admit they know me?

I was walking through the produce at Wal-Mart when I saw my next door neighbor. I walked right up to her, smiled and said “Hi!” in a cheerful voice. She looked me in the eye and said “Oh, excuse me” and moved as if she were in my way. I was puzzled so I asked my husband to confirm that she was indeed our next door neighbor. Oh yes, that was her. A few days later I let my dogs out and they were barking wildly in the back yard. I went out to calm them down and there she was again near our fence with her dog. When she saw me she tucked tail and ran. A stranger version of the same thing happened with another neighbor so I’m starting to think I live in the twilight zone. Ok, so my hairdresser does this to me when I’m standing in her salon too.

Now I have to ask myself why? It’s only women that do this to me. Our male neighbors speak to me and wave. Their children talk to me. What is it about me that freaks out other women? I haven’t the slightest idea. Maybe I didn’t read the “How to be a woman” handbook and I’m doing this all wrong.  Would it be rude to force them to acknowledge me? I think next time I’ll embarrass her and announce to everyone in the store that she is my neighbor. I could sing Mr. Roger’s “Won’t you be my neighbor” to the top of my lungs while on bended knee with arms outstretched to welcome her love. She’ll be sure to speak to me from now on!

21 thoughts on “Am I the weird one?

  1. muttering heart

    And I thought it only happened to me.
    I think I missed that “How to be a Woman” handbook too! (Ha Ha! Loved that!) It is because you are “real” and women can’t handle “real”.

  2. MissSteele

    Yeah, that happens to me sometimes. But, it’s not just with women for me. Once, I walked up to my husband’s uncle and tried to say ‘hello’ but he completely ignored me. So, I literally had to tap him on the shoulder to get him to acknowledge me. I’m not above it lol. Once, I ran into a distant relative, waived to her and said, “Hey! It’s me! Barry’s daughter!” She then replied by saying, “Oh, ok,” and walked inside. I thought that was odd. Even my own relatives won’t speak to me sometimes lol.

      1. belle.beckford

        Not weird at all. I can’t say I know my neighbor’s name at all and whenever we see each other we say a little bit more than just “hello”. I think I’ll ask her next time 🙂

  3. The Laughing Nanny

    Hilarious! And so true. Probably not you, just an insecure women thing. I have found though, here at the half century mark, that it seems much easier to get along with the fellas than the ladies. Never quite figured out the why of that one. 🙂


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