Can I run away now?


Yesterday on my way home I was stopped in traffic behind a beat up Kia when I saw the driver twitching in the side view mirror. She was obviously high on meth and either didn’t care that the world could see or thinks we’re all stupid. I suppose it’s her life and she has the right to ruin it in any fashion she chooses. What bothered me though was the hands of a toddler rising and falling in the back seat. The child was small enough that I could not see them but only caught glimpses of its hands as it played.  Despite Mom’s obvious drug problem she was driving quite well. I still can’t help but wonder what that child’s home life is like. Assuming of course that the child has a home. You never know these days.  I say “these days” like it’s something new. Why do we do that? Drug abuse has been around for a very long time. There is nothing new about it.

I guess humans have always been looking for a means of escape.  It’s just that some people use illegal means to relieve themselves of worry and strife while others choose socially acceptable means. Nobody threatens to call the police over the 300 pound woman in McDonalds buying a Big Mac for her obese child. The fact that she has included her child in her escape method is perfectly OK with us.

Is life truly so horrible that we all must escape it? Why do we do this? I am guilty myself and yet I have no idea why. I know a person who uses a combination of junk food and movies as her escape. She can waste endless hours munching away while living in the fantasy land created by Hollywood. She is obese and killing herself one bite at a time. She has no social life outside of her love affair with the television. This is what makes her happy.

I personally have several escape methods. One of which is books. I love to read. I can read for hours on end while the day wastes away. I am getting zero exercise and probably munching on something while I do this. This is definitely not making me skinny. I have to wonder though. Would my life be better if I stopped trying to escape it?

13 thoughts on “Can I run away now?

  1. MissSteele

    I think it’s natural to want an escape every once in a while through books, or movies, or a vacation. I think it’s good for people to get away from reality for a just a moment. I think it refreshes us. This is not to say, however, that drugs or compulsive overeating should be used as an escape by any means. There’s a difference between someone who wants to slip into a fantasy world for an hour and a half by reading a great book in order to forget about life for a while, and the woman high on meth who has lost her entire concept of life altogether.

  2. Gloria

    I agree that each of us needs to get away from our normal life and take a break. Doing something for yourself as in reading is not a sin it is a great outlet for taking your mind off things for a while. I could never understand people who use drugs or alcohol as a way to escape because you are not only hurting yourself but hurting the ones that love them. Reading hurts nobody except the dust bunnies and they don’t mind. I am over weight so I can say this. I don’t understand 300 lb people. I know when I lose even 5 lbs I feel better so I cannot imagine how bad they have to feel, but it requires work and diet changes and they are not willing to make those changes. I know someone who is well over 300 lbs and will tell you she only eats salads and tuna. Yeah sure. I have seen her eat a whole cake at one time so I am not believing salads and tuna make you stay at the 300 lb mark. It is selfish and with no self control. It is sad to see her waste her life by eating so much she cannot move around on her own…..maybe if she did not use food as a way to escape then she would not need to escape.

  3. mewhoami

    That’s a tough question. On one side, it is always wonderful to be able to escape; to have your own private place to run off to or a book to live vicariously through. On the other hand, I think sometimes we can get so wrapped up in trying to escape from our life that we don’t take the time to truly cherish all the wonderful parts about it.

  4. lovinchelle

    I enjoy your view on things very much.. I try to stay high on life myself but very now and then I think damn I’d love to just get drunk. Then, I remember the feelings of spinning rooms and not being in control and being an ass, and so I just smile and say naw I’m good


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