The BSC Gene (Bat Shit Crazy)


I have a confession to make. I do in fact carry the BSC gene. I come from a long line of BSC people. When I look in the mirror I see my BSC Grandmother looking back at me. I’m not even sure where it all started but here it is. It’s passed on from generation to generation like an old pocket watch. It keeps ticking along no matter what you do.

I’ve decided to wear my BSC gene like a cape instead of hiding it in the closet. What if BSC is really a super power that can be used for the good of the people? Just think about it. I can open my blog and spread BSC in a single bound! I can make you laugh! I can make you cry! I am BAT SHIT CRAZY!

So, how do you know if you carry the BSC gene? Well, here were a few of my clues:

1. Somebody drank a bottle of Drano.
2. Somebody answers the front door butt naked.
3. Somebody sees an imaginary little boy hiding in her cupboard but waits until he runs behind the sofa before calling the police.
4. Somebody grabs a kid by the neck and starts squeezing because he was making too much noise.
5. Somebody thinks she’s moving in with Tammy Wynette.
6. Somebody is crying uncontrollably at family gatherings but nobody knows why. Ok, this one covers several Somebodys. OK FINE! I might be one of the somebodys.
7. Somebody builds an airplane inside the house.
8. Somebody freaks out if you look out the windows because the neighbors might see you.
9. Somebody has an actual retirement plan that includes winning the lottery.
10. Somebody doesn’t like to come to family gatherings for fear of being judged by the above people. Seriously?

I could go on but you get the point. Now the issue is what to do if you are a carrier of BSC. I recommend wearing a cape and riding a unicorn regularly. Use your super power to spread laughter and joy. At a minimum you can provide relief to those around you by being an “at least-er”. Your neighbors will say “I may have diabetes but “at least” I’m not BAT SHIT CRAZY!”

22 thoughts on “The BSC Gene (Bat Shit Crazy)

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  5. weebee

    love the bat-shit-crazies 🙂 the bee family is in the “pretend we’re not BSC” category, but really are paranoid about looking out the windows, planning on winning the lottery… and so on and so forth. awesome post.

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