Chihuahuas gone wild

Oh the shame of it all!

Oh the shame of it all!

Yesterday I arrived home and two teenage boys were walking down the street. I stayed in the car until they had passed so Pearl wouldn’t feel the need to bark at them. My game plan did not work. When I let them out of the car 5lb Jasper took out after them. One of the boys was laughing like crazy while the other was dancing the jig as Jasper tried to herd him like a sheep. The whole time I’m yelling “They don’t bite” as I make a mad dash to scoop them up. Pearl made it to the middle of the road before she realized she was about to get into trouble and stopped. Of course, she stopped in front of an oncoming car. I’m pretty sure the kid being herded was not convinced that Jasper would not bite him. He may be tiny but he is so fast. I have lost control here.

This morning my boss came in and stood by my desk to discuss work with me. Out of nowhere Jasper starts barking wildly at him. Can dogs go senile? I’m pretty sure Jasper needs some puppy Prozac.  I may have to start leaving him at home. I fear one of these days that someone will just give him a big swift kick in the butt and that will be the end of him. I know if he had come at me like that I would have knocked him away. I can’t figure out what makes him feel threatened. Maybe he thinks he’s protecting me?

Pearl somehow does not understand her duty in barking. She will run towards someone and bark like crazy but when she gets to them she wags her tail and asks to be petted. I don’t think she has ever met a stranger. Maybe it’s time for obedience training. Though Jasper is so old I’m not sure he’ll get it. I need a Chihuahua whisperer.

7 thoughts on “Chihuahuas gone wild

      1. Grace

        I’ll ask my granddaughter- lol. She’s an “expert” on dog behaviour and a Caesar follower. The “kids” sound adorable!

  1. dogsarentkids

    Haha chihuahuas. They’re crazy. And do the weirdest things. Perfect for me, but normal people don’t get it. One of mine is a chihuahua and the other is a chi-poo (toy poodle/chihuahua) so she gets the poodle AND chi insane-dog-genes. How fun!


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