The stillness is here. The silence is ringing in my ears.

Mr. Invincible

Mr. Invincible

All is still and a bit melancholy today. I have the windows open to the barn so that I can hear the birds but today even they sound pensive. I knew this time would come and yet my heart was not prepared. My dear boss had decided to retire thus shutting down a fifty year old business. I’ll still have employment for quite a while it’s just that this change is so hard to watch and I have a front row seat. This is the one time I wish I had been stuck in the nose bleed section to watch from afar.

Mr. Bossman turned 82 this past August. You would expect a man of his age to be pushing a walker and counting his pills but not Ray. He still climbs ladders, throws bundles of insulation into the bed of his truck and repairs his rental houses with his own two hands. He is an insulator by trade but that is the least of his abilities. His ambition and love for work is inspiring. Ray will never truly quit working. He may not keep this insulation company anymore but he will keep moving until they toss his worn out bones into a grave. He will thoroughly use up the body that God gave him. He will slide into heaven singing a little diddy as he goes.

Even if time stood still for a moment today, there is nothing I can do to stop this. This is life and it moves on whether I’m ready or not. I suppose I wouldn’t change one single thing about my time here. This place has been good for me.  Where do I go from here? I don’t know yet. There are still things to do before this wheel stops turning.

10 thoughts on “The stillness is here. The silence is ringing in my ears.

  1. Gloria

    Oh My I hate to hear that he is closing down the business but I figured at his age it would happen one of these days. Is he going to keep it open through the end of the year? Oh, dear, here goes the job hunting again. Shit that stinks. I know you have enjoyed working for bossman. It has been good for you. I would suggest you try to find something close to home. You can take less pay if you don’t have to spend a fortune on gasoline. I will keep my ears open. So sad…..

  2. Ramblings Mom

    Change is inevitable but dang it hurts. God had you there for a reason and purpose. In my time I have learned that you need to live and learn all you can, as God has a plan for the knowledge. Ray has been a blessing to you!

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