Change – that slippery slope

Change is looming ahead. It lurks in dark corners and whispers my name. Soon I will have to face it. Change is not evil. It is only different. I will not be afraid.

Who am I kidding? Trepidation squeezes the air from my throat. I’m shaking like a dog shittin’ a peach seed.

I was created to work. Without work I feel useless. I have an intrinsic requirement to be needed. Work is where I find my purpose. When my work is threatened with change I find the shift quite frightening. The future has become uncertain again. I don’t do precarious. It has no place in my world.

This one is not in my hands. I am given a glimmer of hope but I find its possibility quite doubtful. What does the future hold? I have no idea.

2 thoughts on “Change – that slippery slope

  1. Grace

    Change unnerves me, too! I actually found work creative and comforting~ a necessary structure to my life. Fear not, though, as you don’t walk alone~ you have friends to walk along with you.


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