Why do they let it die?




Meet the First Christian Church of Lonoke. No one attends here anymore. The church has been left to crumble. The story as I’ve heard it is that the last surviving member of the congregation inherited the church and refuses to sell it unless you agree to continue services within it. So here this beautiful building sits. Slowly dying a pitiful death of rot and decay.  As a lover of architecture this breaks my heart. Such a wonderful creation is denied life for principal’s sake. It happens all the time. You see these works of art simply sucked of life by their owners.

1916 FCC

About 1916


Sometimes siblings can’t agree on the selling of an old home place and sometimes people are scared of selling their memories. Instead they let them die. Time and Mother Nature takes what they couldn’t let go of. They are the cause of the very thing that they did not want to happen.


Death by idleness. Sometimes I drive by and swear I hear it crying.

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