Flirtation – not everyone gets it

Skinny Me 2008

Skinny Me 2008


“Hey sunshine, you want a ride?” He was calling to me from his truck. I quickly looked away and tried to ignore him. As I increased my pace down Capitol Avenue he seemed to slow down to stay with me.

“Oh, come one. You won’t speak to us in public?” There were two of them in the vehicle. Catcalls, I had heard them before. Usually if you ignore them they will give up and go away. I continued my rapid pace past the Federal Building where they turned onto State Street. I breathed a sigh of relief as my method worked.

I took my usual route around the Capitol in downtown Little Rock and circled behind the Department of Finance. Lunch was my escape time. Working behind a desk in a basement all day can take its toll on you. I tried to walk at least two miles every day and grab a little sunshine before returning to my hole for four more hours.

On this particular day I was greeted by two very miffed construction workers upon my return. It seems they were the ones yelling at me and not some psycho perverts. I had over reacted. I apologized and all was forgiven but working downtown taught me to be more cautious. The funny thing is the construction workers rarely gave me trouble. It was the idiots driving up and down the street.

I’m not sure if it is hormones or just plain ignorance that makes some men behave like Neanderthals. Maybe that is an insult to Neanderthals. I’m not even sure what to compare them to. I once had a man lean out of the window and flick his tongue at me after yelling “Hey Baby”. Does this method really work? Is there a woman alive that considers this behavior seductive? The one behavior that makes me want to punch them in the face is when they grab their crotch and look me up and down. I’m sure in their minds this is supposed to be a compliment. What is the correct response to this? “Umm…I’m sorry sir but I don’t think your penis is going to run away. You can let go of it now unless you have some condition that is making it itch perhaps?

One night I was walking around my neighborhood for a little exercise when I was approached by a young man that lived a couple blocks away from me. This was a very small town so it was impossible not to know everyone. This 20-ish year old young man approached me to ask “Are you still sexually active?” Seriously, that was his pickup line. Technically I was old enough to be his mother not to mention the fact that he knew I was married. Again, the only desire he elicited was one to punch him in the face.

Now that I am 40-ish the catcalls have slowed to a crawl. For this I am very thankful.  Seriously guys, we don’t like it. Find a new method.

10 thoughts on “Flirtation – not everyone gets it

  1. Ramblings Mom

    Speak for yourself. As you get older, they get to be none at all. I feel a cougar coming on!!!! As my sister told me one time, as you get older you can hug everyone and not be a threat to anyone. SHUCKS!!!!!

  2. dogsarentkids

    “Are you still sexually active?” LOL. I would laugh and not be able to help it.

    I had as much attention from guys as most teenagers/young women do before I got married. After, almost never (thank god). And i think maybe I give off some “not available” vibe or something. No clue .But I also have perfect “relaxed bitch face” that scares people off. I seriously think guys who do this are NASTY.

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