Make haste! Time is of the essence!


Pearl: Hi there, this is Pearl speaking. Mom is in the restroom and was dumb enough to leave her blog open. She wouldn’t want me to tell you but because I love her I will confide in you. The truth of the matter is, we are low on chicken. If you could send some chicken I just know it would make her feel better. That man in the brown suit with the brown truck will bring it for you. Tell him to come to the garage and DO NOT knock on the front door.

Jasper : Tell them we’re low on bacon too.

Pearl: Shut up Jasper! I got this.

Jasper: How are they going to know where we live?

Pearl: Would you be quiet please?? I can’t think with all that yappin’.

Pearl: Ahem, we live on the street with the big trees near the guy with the brown dog.

Jasper: Um Pearl, dogs can’t see colors. How do you know what brown is?

Pearl: Jasper! I am smarter than you! Just hush up so I can get this done before she gets back!

Pearl: Now, if you could deliver the packages between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. that would be great. Remember, the goal here is to make Mommy feel better so mums the word.

Jasper: Heehee, Mums the word. That’s funny.

Pearl: You’re a riot Jasper. A real riot.


Pearl: **Hits Publish** **runs to bed and pretends to snore**

Jasper: **Still sitting at chair shaking like a leaf**

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