Walking through my front door

Doot, doot, doot, walking through my blue door...

Welcome to the entry of my domain. My haven of rest is behind that blue door. This is where I hide from the world around me. When I walk through that blue door all is safe. This is my “base”. Did you ever play tag as a child? Someone or something was always base. If you could just make it to base no one could tag you and make you “it”. That was the worst thing possible, to be tagged “it”.

When I step outside my blue door I feel like I have instantly been tagged “it”. I have to please others, worry about the world’s issues, be happy, make people laugh. I realize this is a self-inflicted condition but the need to save the world and make it a better place swirls through my head when I cross that threshold. I take on this overwhelming need to make people feel better. I will do this with people that I don’t even like. I feel guilty for not liking them. Even if they’ve been a complete ass to me I must forgive them and like them because (insert one million reasons here).

I’m guessing this is why I prefer to spend my weekends hiding behind that blue door. I’ll leave my cape on the porch and my unicorn in the driveway. No miracles are needed when I cross that threshold. Don’t get me wrong, there are some days that I jump out of bed, grab my cape and run to conquer the universe. I give genuine smiles and try to spread a little joy in my wake. But some days the sight of that blue door is a great comfort. I sprint from my car and jam the keys in the lock. Both Chihuahuas are at me feet wagging their tales at the blue door. Pearl usually has her nose glued to it. They can’t wait to get on the other side either.

I hope you have a “blue door” that brings you comfort too. Today I am thankful for my very blue door.


12 thoughts on “Walking through my front door

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