Excuse me, I think my husband is naked. Somewhere….

Pants in driveway. No husband around. Scared to ask.

Pants in driveway. No husband around. Scared to ask.

There is nothing sexier than a man wearing a tool belt. He can fix stuff! Every woman wants a man that can fix stuff. Why even Tom Silva is sexy with a tool belt! BUT, before you marry a “Jack Of All Trades” there are a few things you should know.

  1. There will always be screws in your washer.
  2. You will find a surprise every time he pees. Don’t bother to ask him to explain. He will look at you blankly when you swear there was a paint brush in the toilet.
  3. Carpeted floors are for other people. You cannot have those.
  4. Discarded clothing in the driveway is the norm. Do not worry.  The neighbors are used to seeing his butt by now.
  5. A portion of your yard will become “Sanford and Son”-ish. These are vital items to his trade and may not be removed.
  6. Random items will appear on your bank statement from Building Supply Stores. Don’t bother to question him. He will not remember what it was for.
  7. When the neighbors set a piece of furniture on the curb never assume the trash man picked it up. You will find it in the garage later.
  8. All of his shirts will have paint on them. Do not throw them out. These are his favorites.
  9. Assorted hardware will appear on your kitchen counters. You’ll need an area to confine these to. I recommend an old coffee can.
  10. There will never be enough room on the hall tree for your purse. Just give it up.
  11. When opening the front door you will sometimes be bombarded with strange smells. Do not ask him to explain. You do not want to know. Just grab the Lysol.
  12. Embrace the saw dust. You’re going to be wearing it every time he tries to hug you.

I can tell you from experience that it is wonderful having a man around the house that can repair or build anything he wants to. Just remember, there are sacrifices to be made and they are all to be made by you……

Just tinkering...in the sky...way up high....

Just tinkering…in the sky…way up high….

11 thoughts on “Excuse me, I think my husband is naked. Somewhere….

  1. dogsarentkids

    Haha all true. I doubt my husband knows the different between a flathead and Philips, but my dad, all uncles, grandfather, cousins, etc are all in construction. You forgot all the cuts, scratches, bruises, broken and twisted bones and fingers nearly sawed off. Seen that as well!

    1. snoogiefisk Post author

      Oh dear, how could I forget that! He came home yesterday with a Band-Aid on his finger and says “I nearly sawed it off on the band saw. Cut to the bone. Probably should have gotten stitches.” All this in the same manner that he would say “Probably going to rain tomorrow”.

  2. outlier00

    I actually wanted a handy man, but now that you made me realize something’s I don’t lol. Well I would take a look at my blog as well, or if you made a post about following my blog would be eve better and I would be one of your followers.
    Please consider.

  3. Opinionated Man

    Deanna thanks for taking part in Project O and for taking the time to respond to the comments on your post! I hope the project was what you were expecting and hopefully the data that is presented in the coming months is also of interest to people. Again, thanks for participating! -OM


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