The dreaded BDW starts tomorrow. My husband refers to it as the heavenly Birth-Day-Week but I think of it as more of a stroll through hell. During BDW my husband can ask me to complete any number of tasks and I am not to complain but simply do as he asks. If I grumble in the slightest he merely has to shout “BDW” to get me back in line. He has been working on his BDW list for weeks. I am not sure how this even started but you can count on it was an idea of his.

Last night while grocery shopping I was informed that there will be a homemade cherry pie to begin BDW and an egg custard pie to end BDW. Somewhere in the middle is to be old fashioned tea cakes. He is going to be so sick if he doesn’t stroke out in the middle of the celebration.

Yesterday afternoon we were watching Doctor Oz whilst scarfing tacos when the Doc crossed the line. He stated that it is better to eat a sugary breakfast than to skip breakfast. My husband has determined that this means he should eat pie for breakfast. Guess who’ll be rolling out crusts tonight? It’s not that I mind baking. I actually enjoy it. I just usually don’t try to do it in the evenings after eight hours of work, cooking supper, walking the dogs and working in some laundry.

I know, I’m whining. Sigh….Just remember as you recline in the evenings and watch your favorite programs that there is a wife in Arkansas trying to survive his Birthday number 55…….

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