Oh the horror!


My unicorn doesn’t like you. Seriously, she told me not to speak to you anymore. It’s your fault I watched that damned musical “CATS”. I told you I wouldn’t like it but you insisted. During the first bowl of popcorn I begged you “Please, I don’t want to be enlightened by the greatest musical ever written”. You just couldn’t let it go. Somewhere in the quest of Grizabella I fell asleep and the horror began.

It all started on a cold rainy night. I was being chased by a bunny in tights when I slipped in the mud and began scrambling to find my feet. The bunny was getting closer. My heart was pounding in my ears. I managed to grab a boulder to pull myself up on. Mr. Bunny came to a screeching halt at the base of the bolder. I pulled my knees under my chin so that he could not reach my toes. I could not save my ears though. Mr. Bunny began to sing show tunes in his little squeaky voice and then his little bunny feet began to move. My eyes were to be assaulted too. Mr. Bunny thumped the mud vigorously as I was subjected to the worse rendition of CATS ever purr-formed.

Oh my ears! My eyes! Mr. Bunny paws at the air as he squeaks out “Memory, all alone in the moonlight…” NO! I scramble to the other side of the boulder and take off bounding through the woods. I have to escape! I make it to a small clearing and I can’t hear him anymore. The cool night air is burning my lungs as I stop in the middle of the clearing with my heart still beating a roaring refrain. I think I made it! I’ll rest here for a moment.

The tree frogs are singing their late night song. Wait! They are singing a song. What is that? OH NO! No, it can’t be! Not the frogs too! Mr. Tree Frog jumps to the middle of the clearing. He is pawing the air with his little green feet as he croaks “The time I knew what happiness was…..” The little green tree frogs come hopping down from the trees. They all unite in a thunderous croaking “Let the memory live again…”

Oh maker of heaven and earth please make this stop! Wait! Is that a doe? I call out “Little deer please help me! Please I beg you!” She snorts as she turns her ears to understand my words. She looks at me quizzically and answers “Daylight, I must wait for the sunrise….”

NO! NO! Has the whole forest gone mad? The sun is beginning to rise above the tree tops. I leap onto my unicorn and gallop towards the sun. The light of day is coming! I have made it!

“When the dawn comes, tonight will be a memory too and a new day will begin…”


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