Conversations with Pearl – Stop That Right Now!

Sonic Fries

Me: Pearl, I’m going to set the Sonic bag in the floor board. Please do not stick your nose in it.

Pearl: That sure does smell good. Is that cheeseburgers in there?

Me: Yes but it is not for you. This is our supper. You have to eat kibble. One of us needs to be healthy.

Pearl: ***jumps in seat** Oooooops, I fell and landed on bag. ***French fries scatter across floor of car**

Me: Pearl! You did that on purpose!

Pearl: ***smack, chew, smack, snort** These are hot!

Me: Pearl! Do not eat those! I mean it Pearl! Leave them alone!!

Jasper: **shaking in seat** I didn’t do it. Please don’t yell.

Pearl: ***smack, chew, smack, snort** Don’t worry, I’m saving them as fast as I can. It hasn’t been ten seconds yet.

Me: I don’t want YOU to save them! Stop that right now!

Pearl: **smack, chew, smack, snort*** Wow! These are hot. They should put less salt on these.

Me: Why are you ignoring me??

Jasper: **still shaking in seat*** Y’all stop yelling please! You’re scaring me!

Pearl: **smack, chew, smack, snort** Yep these are too salty.

Me: **stops at stop sign. Car behind me honking. Try to reach fries. Pearl pushes them farther away. Car honking louder**

Jasper: Hurry! Go! That guy in the car is going to shoot us. **shaking wildly**

Pearl: **smack, chew, smack, snort**

And so Pete, that is why there weren’t any fries with your combo meal.

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