Suck it up Buttercup

I am a rock. Asking for help just isn’t something that crosses my mind. My Husband feels strongly that when you get yourself into a situation that you should find your own way out and not badger God with a whole bunch of “help me prayers”. I’m beginning to agree with him.

I was standing in my Mother’s front yard watering her plants when a sloppily dressed young man walking by was having a loud conversation on his cell phone. He was at least 20 feet away from me so I have to assume he wanted me to know his business. Since he gave it so freely I assume he also wanted me to bust him out on my blog. It’s the new math according to Deanna.

Anyway, Mr. Slob was moseying along slowly while wearing baggy shorts that bunched at his knees. I’m pretty sure his t-shirt was chosen from a wadded up pile in the floor. Mr. Slob was walking to the tobacco store to purchase expensive cigarettes while shouting his financial woes into his cell phone. It appears that Mr. Slob was walking because his truck had broken down again. This was the last straw for Mr. Slob. He was no longer going to put up with a substandard vehicle and he intended to do something about his situation today. At this point I’m thinking “Good for you Mr. Slob. You’re going to stand up and take action!” Ah….I thought too soon. Mr. Slob’s grand plan was to harass three particular people in his life until they provided him with the financial means that he required. He was fed up with living this way and he wasn’t going to take it anymore.

The entitlement mentality strikes again. It seems to run rampant in this country. This is what happens to kids that are given participation trophies. Suck it up Buttercup. Not everyone wins. Try harder. Work harder.

I am a rock. I do believe in me and I will do all that is necessary to provide my own means. I will not ask someone to give me a hand if I can get it myself. I will not cry and whine when I screw up. I will own my mistakes and move forward. I will not blame the world for decisions I have made. I have two arms, two legs and a brain. I intend to use them.

18 thoughts on “Suck it up Buttercup

  1. Kenneth Jobe

    If people spent as much time trying to do thing for themselves as they do pestering people to do something for them, they might be surprised. That’s hard to make people understand, though.

    1. snoogiefisk Post author

      I know, I’m so tired of folks whining and begging on fb because they can’t pay their electric bill but they have no problem paying the satellite bill or buying cigarettes. Makes me want to smack em’ upside the head.

      1. Steele

        When my dad was growing up, he worked at a convenience store that had a sandwich shop in it. One night, a guy came into the store with his children and he started telling my dad that he didn’t have any money and they were starving. My dad said, “I’ll tell you what, I’ll make you some sandwiches on the house so your kids can eat.” After he got done making them sandwiches, the guy took his wallet out, threw some dollars on the counter and said, “Get me a pack of cigarettes too.” My dad told him to take his free sandwiches and get the hell out. He told him it was a shame he “couldn’t afford to feed his children” but had not problem buying cigarettes for himself.

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  9. mewhoami

    If I could triple “like” this, I would. You are absolutely right about the entitlement mentality. I recently wrote a post on this very topic. How do we expect people to ever learn, if we continue to bail them out every time they get in a mess? That’s how we got to this place to begin with. Rarely do you find a person who is forced to learn on their own anymore. I am sure glad my parents stepped back and made me fix my own mistakes. In addition, nothing was handed to me on a silver platter. I had to earn it. That’s the way it should be.

    This is why we have so many people choosing to live in poverty these days. (I said “choosing”. I’m not talking about people going through hard times.) These people get everything handed to them. It is so much easier to sit home and live off the government than to go to work everyday. I see it all the time and watch their children suffer for their parents’ lack of responsibility. It’s very frustrating, to say the least.

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