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Junk is in the eye of the beholder

The pantry phase

The pantry phase

You say junk. I say treasure. Have you ever set a broken piece of furniture or an old door on the side of the road to be picked up by the trash man? If your trash man picked it up then you don’t live near me. If it’s made of real wood then my husband will snatch it up. He likes to build things from parts and pieces of other things. He only does this for fun though. Granted I have sold many of his creations over the years but it wasn’t because he wanted to. They are sold because my house is packed.

Bookcase made from old french doors

Bookcase made from old french doors

He goes through phases and will get stuck on building certain things. The worst was the hall tree phase. I never counted how many he actually built. We also had the dining table phase, the bench phase and the pantry phase. At this very moment he is out scouting for old barn wood to build a bed from. I wish I had pictures of everything he has built in the last fifteen years from “junk”. I can tell you we’ve taken trailer loads to auction more than once.

Beds aren't supposed to touch the ceiling are they?

Beds aren’t supposed to touch the ceiling are they?

So, the next time you set an old dresser on the curb to be picked up look both ways first. There’s probably a bald guy in a white truck lurking nearby to salvage your junk.

Yes, more pantries...

Yes, more pantries…

Escapism, I’m a pro

Happy as a dog with two tails today. Much to do at work but there’s a lovely weekend in the woods just around the corner. I intend to be sitting here.

Warming my tootsies with this.


While watching this.


Unless of course it is morning then I will be sipping coffee here.


According to google maps this place doesn’t exist. There is no wifi but the bears don’t mind. I hope you have a wonderful place to escape too. Happy Friday Y’all!

How Pearl sees it


Pearl: Why do you put your lunch in that machine every day?

Me: Because I am warming it up.

Pearl: You don’t warm my kibble. That’s not fair. I think you should warm my kibble too.

Me: I am not going to have this conversation with you.

Pearl: Fine then, so why do you put your lunch in that big white box every morning?

Me: To keep it cool Pearl. You can’t just leave food lying around.

Pearl: You don’t put my kibble in that big white box. That’s not fair. I think you should cool my kibble too.

Me: I thought I just said I was not going to have this conversation with you?

Pearl: You do some weird stuff.

Me: I do not do weird stuff!

Pearl: You do to! Every day this week I’ve seen you pick up that thing with that girl’s picture on it and you just stare at it. That is definitely weird!

Me: Pearl, that is a book. I am reading.

Pearl: That’s exactly what I mean. You’re always doing weird stuff like this “reading”.  Just staring at stuff is stupid.

Me: It is not stupid. The book has words in it and I read them. It tells me a story.

Pearl: I didn’t hear it say nothin’. Maybe we should call your Doctor again.

Me: I do not need a doctor. I am fine.

Pearl: Uh huh, scuse me…..

Me: What are you doing?

Pearl: Just making a little phone call. This doesn’t concern you.  Just do your “reading” on that wall over there.

What is more?

The pond behind my office

The pond behind my office

When I am old and lying in my hospital bed I will look around at the young nurses attending me as they gossip about their weekend. I’ll hear their joys and their sorrows but they will never hear mine. I will be a shadow to them. Just a used up elderly lady that probably never did anything exciting. I’ll look back on my life and scold myself for the things that I should have done differently. I’ll be angry that those young twits are enjoying their youth as I lie there waiting to die. Wanting to die just so I don’t have to hear them anymore. What would I change? What are those things that I wish so very much that I had done differently?

Should I have worked harder to earn a larger income? Should I have traveled? Should I have done more? What is this “more”?

Old lady in the bed, please tell me what it is that I should have done before it’s too late. Don’t just lie there waiting for your clock to stop ticking. Tell me what to do. I don’t want to lie in that bed with wishes in my head.

If you can’t stop it then why the hell are you promoting it?

Dear Facebook Friends:
Whenever a story starts with “Bone chilling footage” I automatically turn a way. I don’t want my bones chilled thank you very much! I don’t want to cry. I don’t want to see or read anything heartbreaking. You can keep your pictures of mutilated bodies and dying children. This also includes all of the repeatedly shared photos of abused animals.
You see, I can’t help them. There is not a damn thing I can do. You may call yourself “increasing awareness” but all you have done is give me nightmares and make me cry about something that is out of my control. I don’t care how much legislature is passed or how many picket lines are formed. There will always be horrible things happening on this earth because man can be quite cruel.
You know the picture of the Hispanic guy punching a pit bull in the nose that y’all keep sharing? Yes, you do. Many of my friends have shared it. Do you think he is upset that you shared it? No, you are wrong. He thinks it’s funny as hell and is quite proud that you promoted his antics by spreading his cruelty around the world. You think he is embarrassed or ashamed? NO HE IS NOT! If he had a conscience he could not have done this in the first place.
So I ask you my friends. Please stop promoting violence. That is really all you are doing. Do you know the terrorist groups laugh when you share their message? Sure, you share because you are upset. They do not care that you are upset about it. They care that you were kind enough to spread their word.
I know that you believe I am sticking my head in the sand because I refuse to participate in these discussions. But I ask you, what has your discussions and sharing of evil pictures and video done to stop the horror? Have you stopped a single act of violence or have you just promoted it?
Stop and think before you share violence. Just stop and think.

The stillness is here. The silence is ringing in my ears.

Mr. Invincible

Mr. Invincible

All is still and a bit melancholy today. I have the windows open to the barn so that I can hear the birds but today even they sound pensive. I knew this time would come and yet my heart was not prepared. My dear boss had decided to retire thus shutting down a fifty year old business. I’ll still have employment for quite a while it’s just that this change is so hard to watch and I have a front row seat. This is the one time I wish I had been stuck in the nose bleed section to watch from afar.

Mr. Bossman turned 82 this past August. You would expect a man of his age to be pushing a walker and counting his pills but not Ray. He still climbs ladders, throws bundles of insulation into the bed of his truck and repairs his rental houses with his own two hands. He is an insulator by trade but that is the least of his abilities. His ambition and love for work is inspiring. Ray will never truly quit working. He may not keep this insulation company anymore but he will keep moving until they toss his worn out bones into a grave. He will thoroughly use up the body that God gave him. He will slide into heaven singing a little diddy as he goes.

Even if time stood still for a moment today, there is nothing I can do to stop this. This is life and it moves on whether I’m ready or not. I suppose I wouldn’t change one single thing about my time here. This place has been good for me.  Where do I go from here? I don’t know yet. There are still things to do before this wheel stops turning.

Change – that slippery slope

Change is looming ahead. It lurks in dark corners and whispers my name. Soon I will have to face it. Change is not evil. It is only different. I will not be afraid.

Who am I kidding? Trepidation squeezes the air from my throat. I’m shaking like a dog shittin’ a peach seed.

I was created to work. Without work I feel useless. I have an intrinsic requirement to be needed. Work is where I find my purpose. When my work is threatened with change I find the shift quite frightening. The future has become uncertain again. I don’t do precarious. It has no place in my world.

This one is not in my hands. I am given a glimmer of hope but I find its possibility quite doubtful. What does the future hold? I have no idea.

I sing because I’m happy. I sing because I’m free…..

DSCF0565If I could only sing I would never shut up. Actually, the inability to sing well has never stopped me. It’s just that others cringe and cry when I belt out my joyful tunes. When I’m happy I sing. I will sing about anything. Last week we had a harvest moon that was so beautiful. I just had to sing about the moon. I walked around for days bellowing “Blue Moon of Kentucky Keep on Shinin’”. Those folks in the Wal-Mart parking lot are just too judgmental. I think their just jealous because I’m not afraid to sing when I’m happy. Truth be known, they probably wanted to join in.

My boss at work does this too. He’s 82 years old but nobody has told him yet. Some days I hear him coming up the stairs to the barn while belting out a hymn to the top of his lungs. It’s good to hear an old man sing. He sings little snippets then I find myself singing along. There’s just no better way to express joy than with a song.

My husband is a noise maker also. He knows every Bob Wills song ever written but he sings in the key of Q. That’s alright though. I like to hear people sing when their happy. Even if it’s off key. Once I was standing in my yard with my neighbor when I heard the Mr. singing a diddy quite loudly from the barn. My neighbor looked at me with panic in her eyes and took off running towards him. I didn’t have a clue what was wrong with her. When I made it to the barn she was laughing. She had heard the Mr. singing too. Only, she thought he was crying in pain after cutting off a limb with a power tool. Nope, that’s the way he sings.

Make a joyful noise today!

No Fair! Eh, maybe it is….

Unfair? I’ll have to step outside of the box and go against the crowd on this one. Things happen for a reason. Just because I don’t know what that reason is doesn’t mean it’s not fair.

Oh sure, sometimes I wish I didn’t have essential tremors and might be able to be a nurse or something else. As it is right now I’m sure all patients would run away screaming if they saw my shaking hands coming at them with a needle! I can see it now…”Sit still honey whilst I draw your blood for the good Doc. It’s going to hurt a little and you’re probably going to look like a junkie with track marks when I get through but suck it up buttercup.”

I might even be a hair stylist. Can you imagine my trembling hands coming at your head with scissors? You could lose an ear! My form of hair styling could be referred to as art though. That’s what we call it when the sides are uneven.  Ok, so maybe Farmer Brown doesn’t want to rock the New Age look. He’s a farmer. What does he know about style anyway?

I still have my cooking skills. So it gets a little messy from time to time. I really enjoy baking but getting an egg custard pie in the oven without sloshing takes some serious effort. Once I was carrying a bowl of soup to the kitchen island and had a sudden trembling jerk just as I made it to the edge of the counter. My Chihuahuas love it when this happens. They hang out in the kitchen while I cook just waiting for me to spill something.

We must not forget photography. Do you have any idea how many photos I have to take before I get one that’s not blurry? I do love that the cameras now days can handle a shaky hand. iPhone has yet to conquer this beast.

So, am I whining? No, I don’t mind it so much. Is it unfair? I don’t think so. It’s just me. So I shake. If you want your drink shaken and not stirred I am totally your gal!

I love a parade!

Lonoke County Judge Doug Erwin (Yes, this is his personal horse)

Lonoke County Judge Doug Erwin
(Yes, this is his personal horse)

Yesterday was the kick off for the Lonoke County Fair. We had the most wonderful parade which may not seem like much if you’re from Chicago or LA but here in small town America we thrive on these things. Everyone comes out and lines up their lawn chairs along the parade route. This is actually an event that we look forward to each year.

The Fair Queen and all her minions travel along the route in borrowed sports cars. The local florist advertises her business from the shiniest red tractor.

Note advertisement attached to wheel

Note advertisement attached to wheel

The cheerleaders shout their loyalty for the fearsome Jackrabbits.

Jackrabbit Cheerleaders

Jackrabbit Cheerleaders

DSCF0552 The High School bands demonstrate their musical prowess.

The end of the parade is always my favorite for then you will see horses and riders all psyched up for this weekend’s rodeo.

I do treasure our little town and our small town ways. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. So, Y’all hitch up yer boots and come on out and join us for a bronco bustin’ good time!